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  • [ # ] Airman Vince on All-AmericanHeroes
    April 8th, 2014 under ALL-AMERICAN HEROES, Hairy, Hairychest, Hot, jerking off, Lean, Military, White guys

    Airman Vince on All-AmericanHeroes
    Vince is sporting his battle beard today while decked in his Air Force camouflage. This swarthy young man is all smiles and ready to talk about his adventures in the military. When he enlisted, he was interested in being part of special ops and also wanted to get EMS training. He immediately peels off his blouse and t-shirt, showing off his hairy chest that trails down his stomach to his belt line. Eager to get out of his clothes, he rips open his fly and begins massaging the bulge in his underwear. With his pants mid-thigh and an intense expression on his face, he see-saws the slick fabric across his crotch, balls peeking out from below as he does. Finally, he unleashes the uncut monster from the shorts and begins sliding his hand up and down rapidly, stretching the foreskin over the swollen head. As he strips completely naked, his hairy taint and bulbous nuts are revealed in between his hairy legs. He strums his cock with two fingers while he tickles his balls with the other, every so often convulsing in self-induced pleasure. Gripping his cock tight, he pauses momentarily to rub his hand over his taint then back up to the swollen pink head poking out of its foreskin blanket. His cock is at full salute and pointing straight up to the ceiling as he thrusts his hips and clenches his fur covered ass cheeks. He begins moaning and flexing his thighs while his abdomen rises and falls. Finally his cock starts spewing semen shooting him dead-center in the middle of his hair covered chest, and droplets of cum cling to his treasure trail, glistening in the light. Checkout this stud at All-AmericanHeroes.net.
    Airman Vince on All-AmericanHeroes

    Airman Vince on All-AmericanHeroes

    Airman Vince on All-AmericanHeroes

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