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  • “Fuck My Ass, I’ll Suck Your Cock”
    March 26th, 2014 under Anal, Big Dicks, blow job, DIRTYTONY, fucking, Gay Sex, Hot, Jocks, Lean, Muscle, Oral, smooth, White guys

    Reid Hartley Fucks Paul Stacks
    Two of my favorite hotties are finally together today. I’ve known Reid for many years and he just keeps getting sexier. Paul’s a fairly new addition. His tattoos and muscles make him the perfect partner for just about any guy, especially since he has a side career in wrestling. Recently, Reid’s been learning yoga and he’s showing Paul some of the poses he’s learned. Paul feels a little constricted in his jeans, so Reid suggests that he take them off. Such a thinker! Paul is getting a good work out and seems to be getting a little tired. Reid has him lay on his back on the sofa and immediately slides his underwear off, lifts his legs in the air, and starts snacking on his pink hole. As Reid tongue-massages his sphincter, Paul tugs at his dick making his balls bounce against his taint. Reid swallows the pink pud while he slowly undresses himself. Reid’s uncut cock is getting stiffer and stiffer, giving Paul the perfect opportunity to slurp on it. Reid’s ready for more and grabs Paul by the ankles and slides his cock deep into his ass, moving slowly at first then speeding it up until he’s pounding him hard. Paul flips over with his ass up in the air, offering it to be penetrated fully by Reid’s swollen member. As he gets his ass reamed, Paul grips the edge of the sofa as if he’s holding on for dear life. Finally, it’s time for Paul to do some of the work as Reid sits back on the sofa and let his buddy ride him. Paul squats down on the hard brown dick and impales himself with it. When Reid is ready to unload, Paul lays on his back and opens wide. He’s rewarded with a giant wad of jizz which coats the back of his throat, filling his mouth up and overflowing onto his lips and beard. Checkout these studs at DirtyTony.com.
    Reid Hartley Fucks Paul Stacks

    Reid Hartley Fucks Paul Stacks

    Reid Hartley Fucks Paul Stacks

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