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  • [ # ] Caleb Colton Fucks Blake Bjorn
    May 22nd, 2013 under Jocks

    Caleb Colton Fucks Blake Bjorn
    Blake and Caleb are sitting on the bed talking about sports injuries. Blake is describing a pulled calf muscle. And Caleb is ready to sooth his buddy’s pain. He begins rubbing Blake’s calf, then his outer thigh, then his inner thigh. Pretty soon, Blake is taking off his pants and getting his ass massaged really good. When he flips over, Caleb goes straight for his cock, sucking it down to the base. As Caleb slurps away, Blake is reaching for his cock. Up on his knees, Caleb unbuckles his pants and whips out a stiffy. Blake goes to town on it, sucking every inch down his throat. Caleb spins Blake around and mounts him from behind. Shoving his cock into Blake’s velvet hallway, Caleb puts a hand on each ass cheek, guiding his cock into the depths of Blake’s hole. After a good plunging from the rear, Blake is ready to roll onto his back and get a good look at the fucker who’s taking control of his hole. Then Blake is ready to ride on top. Caleb lays back and let’s his buddy do some of the work, still probing deep inside his sphincter. As his balls begin to swell, the jizz starts to boil toward the tip of his cock. Blake opens his mouth wide, hoping to catch every drop. Caleb obliges and shoots several pearly ropes onto Blake’s waiting tongue and down his throat. Checkout out these studs at DirtyTony.com.
    Caleb Colton Fucks Blake Bjorn

    Caleb Colton Fucks Blake Bjorn

    Caleb Colton Fucks Blake Bjorn

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