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  • “Fuck My Ass, I’ll Suck Your Cock”
  • [ # ] “Fuck My Ass, I’ll Suck Your Cock”
    January 9th, 2007 under Jocks, PORNREVIEWS

        "Fuck My Ass, I’ll Suck Your Cock" features ass-to-mouth action.  Now, unfortunately for myself, ass-to-mouth just doesn’t appeal to me, especially considering one of the bottoms wasn’t entirely clean.  But if you like the idea of a guy fucking you, then pulling out and shoving his dick in your mouth, this movie’s all for you!  The guys are hot and so is the fucking, but I can’t watch <i>that</i>.
        This movie is the first-ever Gay Gonzo movie. Legendary straight director and performer Alberto Rey directed this film for Raging Stallion Studios as part of the launch of RSS’s new Gonzo line.  Gonzo, a term used in straight porn, means that scenes are shot in real time with a moving camera-just like real sex, not all the staged stuff you get from other studios. 


        Nothing is hidden in this video (though some things should have been clipped,) you can hear the director speak and watch the models crack up.  Just like un-edited amateur porn.

        One of the hottest aspects of this video is all the NEW models!  Watch as unfamiliar faces with gigantic hard cocks fuck each other in some of the sexiest positions you’ll ever see on film.  This movie has the feel of the best straight porn, but it’s all guys!

        And these guys are hot!  Cover model Rick Bauer is one of the hottest switch hitters ever.  You can watch as he gets pounded for nearly an hour, then turns the tables and rails the guy that fucked him.  These guys really know what they’re doing, and even better that they’re all new models!

        Raging Stallion is one of the new leaders in Gay Erotica, and features like this are the reason why! You’ll never have seen a gay porn movie like this.

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